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Systemic psychotherapy involves working with individuals, children, couples or the wider family network. The focus is on the client’s varied contexts and the connection with these enables a difference in the way the problem is viewed. It promotes alternate ways of understanding that enable conversations to happen in a manner that is inclusive of other viewpoints. It is an approach that attends to belief systems and connections between family members. It also facilitates better understanding between people in the social context and within the work environment.

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As members of FTAI we advice anyone interested in engaging in Family Therapy to watch the video below for further understanding. Introduction by Trish Murphy, Ex Chairperson, FTAI.


Systemic Psychotherapy facilitates a different approach with Individuals, Couples and Families in that it helps people to understand how their problems are maintained and how they can best be resolved, enabling them to identify and use their own resources, developing their personal integrity and interpersonal effectiveness. We may be strongly influenced to find ways of being which contrast with some of our significant life experiences, or we may repeat our experiences, often with the assumption that this is how the world is, and how everyone should be.


Therapy challenges the well worn patterns of understanding and responding in which the problem has become embedded. It enhances participant’s awareness of distress signals and how to respond to them, exploring new ways of dealing with interpersonal and individual difficulties in a manner that is open to change through conversations and reflection. There are limits to our previous learning. Exploring new ways and new beliefs opens up a panorama of possibilities.

For more information on Family Therapy in Ireland please visit the Family Therapy Association of Ireland.

For further information about the European Association for Psychotherapy and it’s accreditation process please visit the EAPTI website.

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